Bayerisches Oratorium

Classical music meets Bavarian folk music

Bayerisches Oratorium von Andreas Begert

What is the project about?

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Composition of an oratorio (large sacred work) for symphony orchestra, choir and soloists, which combines classical music with Bavarian folk music. World premiere in May 2022 in the Herkulessaal in Munich. Around 120 professional musicians will take part in the performance, with the music stylistically moving between film music, elements of pop music, classical music and Bavarian folk music. Another special feature of the project is that the work will have a Bavarian translation of the German text from the Easter oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach.

What are the goals and who is the target group?

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Classical music combined with the Bavarian language and folk music will make this oratorio a special milestone in the music world. It will be a very special experience for music lovers who come from Bavaria and feel connected to this tradition. Our culture is carried on and preserved for future generations. The variety of musical styles appeals to people of all ages equally: Pop / film music fans as well as lovers of classical music with its traditional, familiar soundscapes will be delighted by it. The work connects generations of music lovers and music listeners of different styles.

Why should you support the project?

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Andreas Begert is a young Bavarian composer at the age of 30 and would like to create an unprecedented work in this form and help shape our musical culture in the long term. A connection between several styles of music, between classical and Bavarian folk music, between tradition and modernity.
Music should create new things, impulses that stimulate people to think, that broaden our horizons and connect cultures and generations. Because in this way we can together draw attention to values and traditions that could otherwise quickly be forgotten if we do not make a special effort to do so.

How will the composition sound like?

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Andreas Begert's music is a mixture of harmonious, modern classical music with film, jazz and pop music. He combines rhythmic elements with modern, melodious soundscapes that make the listener dream.
The connection with Bavarian folk music will be a completely new sound experience that maintains the tonal framework, but sets modern, rhythmic accents.

How will the project go?

  • The crowdfunding for basic financing of the composition and the concert has been successfully completed. Thanks to all supporters.

  • We look forward to any kind of cooperation. In the next few months we will be working on the implementation of the project: room booking, orchestra and choir booking, soloist talks and sponsorship contracts.

  • The first rehearsals and press meetings will take place in 2021. The premiere will then take place in the Herkulessaal in Munich in May 2022, for which press appointments and radio / television interviews are again planned. The concert will be recorded in the highest audio and video quality.

  • A documentary film will be made about the entire project and will be published after the project.



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