I put everything on one card.

And then, little by little, I found out who I am. I am different from the normal musician, I think. Why? Because I don't allow myself to be guided by trends, by what matters. I follow my feelings. I make music that comes out of my core. I cannot pretend, I am like that. I'm crazy, basically completely different and different every day.

But it is precisely this variance and madness that I love about myself and I want to bring it closer to you. I would like to show you this uncertainty, always new in me, which fascinates me so much. Nobody knows what's coming, a love ballad or a crazy number to dance to, serious topics or almost catchy tunes. This is exactly what I love and what everyone who listens to my music will love. Variety and innovation, madness and simplicity, euphony and dissonance, tradition and modernity. I put 100 percent of my energy into my own, honest, self-loving, extroverted and harmonious music, every new day of my life.

Classical composer

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As a classical contemporary composer, Andreas Begert currently is one of the most innovative and modern composers in the world. He sets extreme accents in classical music, because after the long phase of atonal music in the classical scene He is composing a new, tonal classical music that is influenced by modern pop music. Begert is currently working on his greatest work to date, a Bavarian oratorio. He has also written the score for Holger Gutt's film "Siebenbürgen Heimat".

Producer and singer-songwriter

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Andreas Begert has deepened his passion for German pop more and more. Honest lyrics, innovative combinations, love ballads and danceable German music. He texts, writes, sings and produces his own music. His last album "Mein Lied" was released in 2020. He produced his latest single "Herz" together with producer David Merkl.


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Andreas Begert is a lecturer for practical piano playing at the University of Music and Theater in Munich. He teaches prospective teachers in song accompaniment, score playing and improvisation.


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Andreas Begert has been the musical director of the Liedertafel Dorfen for 5 years. For a year he was musical director for the young Gärtnerplatztheater at the Gärtnerplatztheater in Munich. He was also the musical director of a production by the Münchener Kammerspiele.


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Begert studied to become a music teacher at the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts. His main instrument was the jazz piano.

Collaboration with Brothers in Jazz

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As brothers in jazz, he has been making jazz and pop music with his brother Markus for 10 years. They have released two albums so far. Instrumentation: piano and cajon.

Collaboration with Mundhaarmonika

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Andreas Begert has been building the Munich pop band Mundhaarmonika for 5 years. He mainly works there as a songwriter, producer and pianist.

Collaboration with Einshoch6

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Andreas Begert has been a songwriter for the Munich band Einshoch6 since 2020. The sound moves between classic and German popmusic.

Collaboration with Blaurosa

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Begert has been the singer and songwriter for the band Blaurosa since 2019. Their special sound combines classical music with German popmusic.